Comparison of against
Number of forms in databaseabout 17,000over 4,000 (big cons)
NonFillable forms in databaseNoYes (big cons)
NonPDF forms in databaseNoYes
Technical support questions by a click of buttonYesNo (very big cons)
Additional features of fillable forms (see itaop-vs-fed.html)YesNo (big cons)
Damaged forms (see itaop-vs-fed.html)NoYes (cons)
Errors in forms (see itaop-vs-fed.html)NoYes (cons)
Errors in listing of forms (see itaop-vs-fed.html)NoYes (cons)
Elements of law quality in forms (see itaop-vs-fed.html)NoYes (cons)
Number of agenciesAlmost 200Almost 90 (big cons)
Links to non-form pages (instead of form pages)NoYes (big cons)

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