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Review of U.S. Air Force Forms
Major Issues and Errors:


I. Summary.
II. Methods to analyze forms: manual vs. automatic.
III. Organizational issues and steps to eliminate them.

IV. Posted forms: major technical issues.
V. Posted forms: inconsistency issues.
VI. Posted forms: actions needed to eliminate major technical issues.

VII. Posted forms: clear technical errors.
VIII. Posted forms: actions needed to eliminate clear technical errors in form fields.
IX. Posted forms: actions needed to eliminate other clear technical errors.

X. Website: product information errors.
XI. Website: other technical errors.
XII. Website: actions needed to eliminate technical errors.

XIII. Website: disputable technical issues.
XIV. Website: actions needed to eliminate disputable technical issues.


Purpose of this review. The purpose of this review is to identify and analyze the organizational and technical issues and errors associated with forms posted on U.S. Air Force Website and suggest steps needed to eliminate them.

Methods to analyze forms: manual vs. automatic. It would be impossible to accurately identify, analyze, and record manually technical issues and errors associated with forms posted on U.S. Air Force Website. By this reason, we developed an efficient computer algorithm which solves the problem completely automatically, step by step. As a result, we posted on our Website multiple versions of each form: (1) original version(s) (PDF Acrobat, static XFA, dynamic XFDL, and/or XLSX), downloaded from U.S. Air Force Website, as is, with all legal and technical issues, (2) PDF Acrobat flat version (fillable, savable in Acrobat Reader), created automatically, by the above algorithm, along with an examination report, and (3) PDF Acrobat interactive (fillable, savable in Acrobat Reader) version of the form along with an examination report (when the original form structure is static XFA).

Organizational issues. There is no common systemic form creation approach in U.S. Air Force. As a result, each form creator is free to make strategic decisions based on creator's own preferences. Professional training provided for form creators in U.S. Air Force is obviously not adequate. U.S. Air Force form creators do not have a profound knowledge of the subject. They are not quite aware of what they are doing. As a result, they are even unable to apply their limited knowledge correctly. There is no effective technical check and control system in U.S. Air Force. As a result, there are multiple issues and errors (some of errors are repeated thousands of times). Multiple steps are needed to eliminate the above issues.

Major technical issues and clear errors on posted forms. Almost all forms are reader extended by Acrobat 11 in violation of Acrobat EULA. Almost all forms are created using the LCD technology instead of Acrobat technology. Almost all forms are non-PDF forms despite the PDF extension. Many forms remain non-fillable. Many fillable forms remain non-savable. Migration from XFD/XFDL to PDF has not been completed. Almost all forms are encrypted. This encryption can be eliminated in batch by anyone and is useless for U.S. Air Force forms. No form is optimized for searchability, readability, compatibility, and accessibility. There is no consistency: there are various file extensions (PDF, XFD, XFDL, XLSX), there are various PDF file structures (dynamic XFA, static XFA, and Acrobat PDF); some forms are reader extended, while others are not; some forms are encrypted, while others are not; some PDF forms are interactive, while others are flat; some multi-page forms are saved into separate pages; the same access restriction is described differently for different forms. There are various errors in form fields, incorrect page orientations, file double extensions (such as pdf.pdf, xfdl.pdf, pdf.xfdl), broken links inside posted form files, inside "restricted access" files, and inside "physical product" files, and irreparable damaged form files. Some form files are a chaotic combination of pages from different forms. In this review we describe in details multiple actions needed to eliminate the above major technical issues and clear errors.

Clear technical errors and disputable issues on Website. There are multiple product information errors (incorrect number of pages in a form - an error that is repeated thousands of times, incorrect form number, form date, form title, or file format), broken links, use of suffix "locked", apparently, indicating Webmaster's intention to block visitors' access to these forms, while the links to these forms are not protected and there is no obstacle to open these forms. There are significant limitations in form browsing functionality, some limitations in form searching functionality, excessive use of frames and JavaScript.

For more information, download our full review. In this review we describe in details the above methods and an efficient computer algorithm to analyze forms, organizational issues, issues and errors on posted forms and on Website, and step-by-step actions needed to eliminate all the above issues and errors.

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Review of U.S. NAVY forms
Review of U.S. Air Force forms
All (Over 11,000) U.S. NAVY Forms
All (Over 6,000) U.S. Air Force Forms
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U.S. Air Force Forms Website


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